PSORIASIS. VITILIGO. ATOPIC DERMATITIS


Did you know that many of the creams or medications used to treat psoriasis often lower your body's ability to fight off infection? 

A lowered immune response system puts you at a higher risk of viral infection like that caused by Coronavirus or COVID-19.

Our cutting edge light therapy treatment uses the latest technology to effectively treat psoriasis without harming your body's ability to combat infection. 

If you have psoriasis and are at an elevated risk of severe viral infection, you should make an appointment with one of our specialists today.


                                      SUCCESS STORIES

With XTRAC, skin has an even chance. Over 2 million XTRAC treatments have been performed by leading dermatologists around the world and with excellent patient results. Use the slider to see real results from the highly effective XTRAC Excimer laser.


            "The thing that attracted me to the XTRAC was the fact that it was not invasive, no                                 side effects, and so very effective. It was a total match for my lifestyle.” -


-Diana K. Active Walker, Active Grandmother


          “It’s totally safe, there’s no side effects, it’s FDA thumbs up. If anyone’s out there                    watching this and wondering if it would work I would just say give it a try…”

-Kai E. XTRAC Patient



                   “What my patients love most about the XTRAC Treatments is that it’s safe,                                         it’s FDA cleared, and they’re seeing results very quickly.”

   -Ashley H. XTRAC Clinical Specialist

         “In my case, the psoriasis being on my scalp, it was really great that XTRAC could           really get in there through the hair where creams and things just kinda don’t…”

-Tonette R. XTRAC Patient


                                         THE RESULT